Is it Advisable to Use a Personal Loan to Fund a Business?

If you wish to start or expand a business but cannot qualify for a small business loan, a personal loan may be an intriguing option. Personal loans, while not as substantial as small business loans in terms of maximum loan amounts, are easier to qualify for and require less documentation. This might be especially appealing to startup business owners.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using a personal loan to launch your startup or expand an existing business. Understanding all perspectives can help you decide if it’s the appropriate decision.

Pros of Using a Personal Loan to Fund a Business

1. Applying for a Personal Loan is Faster and Easier

Using a personal loan to fund a business can save you time. Small business loan applications require a lot of information and documentation, and personal loan applications are generally more straightforward. That could make them more appealing for people who don’t have the time or energy to fill out a lengthy loan application.

2. Personal Loans Require Less Collateral Than Business Loans

Personal loans generally require less collateral than business loans. That’s a significant advantage if you’re starting a new business and can’t use your existing business as collateral. If your new business doesn’t have established accounts receivable or inventory, a personal loan could be an excellent financing option.

3. Personal Loans are More Flexible Than Business Loans

Banks and lenders typically set strict guidelines for business loans. They’re likely to care most about your business information, financials, and credit history. Personal loans are often more flexible. They may emphasize your personal information and your ability to repay the loan. It might be easier to get approved for a personal loan if your credit or income isn’t as strong as you’d like for a business loan.

4. Personal Loans Allow You to Borrow More Money Than Most Business Loans

Business loans typically come with a small loan limit. For example, a $150,000 small business loan limit isn’t unusual. On the other hand, personal loans often have a much higher limit. That may be attractive if you’re trying to finance a new business with a high startup cost or if you need to expand your existing business.

Cons of Using a Personal Loan to Fund Your Business

1. Personal Loans Usually Don’t Come With a Business Purpose

Business loans usually require a business purpose. Even if you’re using the money to fund your business, you may need to show that your business has an active role in the loan process. Personal loans rarely carry a business purpose requirement. That means you can use the money for any purpose, including personal use. If you’re using a personal loan to fund your business, make sure you have a good reason for doing so.

2. Personal Loans Have a Higher Interest Rate Than Business Loans

Personal loans often have a higher interest rate than business loans. While high-interest rates can be a downside of any loan, it’s especially true with personal loans. When you’re considering a personal loan, don’t forget to think about the interest rate you’ll be paying. You may be able to find a smaller loan or a lower interest rate with a business loan.

3. Personal Loans Don’t Offer Many Advantages to Startups

Business loans typically come with borrower advantages. For example, they may offer extended loan terms, special interest rates, and other perks. Personal loans rarely offer any of those advantages. You have to prove that you’re a financially responsible borrower to get them. If you’re a startup business, that can be a tall order.


There’s no doubt that personal loans can be an effective way to fund your business. While they may not offer business loans perks, they can save you time and offer a higher loan amount. If you meet the lender’s qualifications and can get approved for a personal loan, using it as a form of business funding can be a great way to save time and money.

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