The 6-Step Process Before Getting Your Personal Loan

The 6-Step Process Before Getting Your Personal Loan

A personal loan can be quite the financial aid to get, granting you money to use for whatever you’d like. Most people utilize a personal loan to consolidate debt, finance houses, and more. The possibilities are almost endless on how you can spend the extra dollars.

However, before even getting to that step, it’s important to keep in mind what you should do before accessing that cash. Getting qualified to become a borrower can be quite the process, as taking out a personal loan does need a few requirements. Here’s a quick and simple guide about what the process prior to application should look like for you.

1) Have a Price in Mind

First of all, try to determine where you’re going to use a personal loan and how much that expense is going to be. Personal loans can go as high as $100,000, and there are even some cases that surpass that.

However, it isn’t the best decision to get the highest loan amount that you can get. Excessive borrowing may lead to unnecessary debt that will be hard to pay back when the time comes. It’s best to have the closest possible price in mind and to stick with it when getting a personal loan.

2) Assess Your Credit Score

Try to keep in mind that your credit score is one of the defining factors of whether or not you’re going to qualify. Many companies and individuals will often look at this part of your application first to decide whether you’ll be approved of a loan.

If you find that your credit score is somewhere below 600, this is often dubbed as bad credit. Don’t worry though, as you can always take a few extra steps to increase your credit score first before you vie for the personal loan.

3) Research the Rates

Along with checking up the credit score, try to check the loan amounts and their accompanying interest rates. These may be subject to change, but having a rough idea about the percentage that you’ll need to pay in the future is necessary. That information may be influential in the kind of personal loan you attempt to obtain.

4) Explore the Personal Loans

There are different types of personal loans to check out, with each one different in its payment options. A few examples of these are secured and unsecured loans, which involve collateral as a security measure for the company or lender. There are also real installment loans, where the debt will be paid back in parts.

5) Try to Pre-qualify for a Loan

Prequalifying is often a good sign of whether or not you’re going to get approval for the personal loan. This stage of the process would ask for general information about the loan you’re seeking. You’ll also be requested basic details about you, such as your age and where to contact you.

6) Check The Fine Print

If you pre-qualify for your loan, this means you’re a step closer to getting your formal application in and getting approved for a personal loan. Borrowers are likely to be given a document involving the loan terms, though. Be sure to read it thoroughly before agreeing to it.


With these steps, you’re just about ready to get your documents and send in your application for a personal loan. It can be a tedious process, but borrowers may find that some private loans may be more hassle-free to get than others.

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